La Bambouseraie d'Anduze

La Bambouseraie d'Anduze  proche Camping le Bel été d'Anduze dans le Sud de la France.Exotic detour that combines freshness, nature and scenery, the Bamboo is famous for its forest of giant bamboo and its national collection.
Curiosities of the plant world, bamboo huts, water garden, Victorian greenhouses, bamboo maze, Bambousarium, Bambouti, filming location of "Wages of Fear"and "Paul and Virginia. "
In 1 hour 30 visit, let yourself go in the Far East and discover thousands of species of plants, flowers and trees over 10 acres of enchantment.

Open 1 March to 15 November, seven days a week from 9 am 30.
Disabled access. Parking for coaches.


Le Train à Vapeur des Cévennes

Le Petit Train d'Anduze dans le Sud de la France.Anduze tourist line in Saint Jean du Gard with a stop at the bamboo. The history of this line in 1881, a time when sericulture Cévenole full swing. The first section was opened from Lézan (Ales-Montpellier line) to Anduze.

It should theoretically continue to Millau but was extended as far as Saint-Jean-du-Gard in 1909. Terrain of the Cevennes cashed especially made ​​the work particularly costly (4 tunnels, viaducts 5, 1 large metal bridge and numerous retaining walls for 13 miles of track only). It will only work very short time because in 1940 as an economy measure, only a few freight trains still roamed the line. In 1971, the line was finally closed, but thanks to some fans, the line again became active, but this time with a purely tourist.


La Grotte de Trabuc

Grotte de Trabuc proche du Camping 4 étoiles le Bel été d'Anduze dans le sud de la france.The CAVE TRABUC marks the entry of the country and is Cévenol located about 15 minutes from Anduze. Limestones in the heart of the Cevennes, the site boasts an exceptional natural environment in particular related to the presence of Roach Mialet. TRABUC Cave is the largest underground network of the Cevennes. Located on the outskirts of the Cevennes National Park is a major site that attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

The public portion, with a quality development that respects the environment of the cave, you can admire the restrained, almost 50 years here, the attention of early explorers: the diversity of colors and crystals.
A cave evolves over time and the crystals according to their age and the presence of various oxides, are tinted. So we can go from transparent to ocher most sustained in the space of a few meters.
The visit is a discovery of Trabuc constant. Bends and junctions galleries are full of surprises, varied landscapes and emotions.


La Grotte des Demoiselles

Grottes des Demoiselles proche camping le Bel été d'Anduze dans le sud de la France.Geological wonder in a spectacular site, the cave of Les Demoiselles is exceptional in its size and its rich concretions. The lights highlight every detail of this truly underground cathedral (up to 120 meters long and 52 meters high).
After an easy access to its cable railway, a succession of impressive galleries and rooms richly concretionary take you to the Cathedral underground (52 m in height), its organ and the beautiful stalagmite "The Virgin and Child. "

An unforgettable visit (1 hr) - Wonder of the underworld, between Cirque Navacelles and Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.
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Le Pont du Gard

Pont du GardThe Pont du Gard was built shortly before the Christian era to allow the aqueduct of Nimes, along nearly 50 miles, crossing the Gardon. Designed this bridge of 50 meters high with three levels, the longest measuring 275 m, the Roman architects and hydraulic engineers have created a technical masterpiece that is also a work of art.

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Anduze :
Country of Light ... This small town, bathed by the clear waters of the Gardon, extends to the edge of two worlds: the Cevennes and Languedoc plain.

to see: The Clock Tower, The Fountain Pagoda, Temple Protestant, plan Brie ...

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Museums :
> The Museum of the Desert :
At the heart of a hamlet Cevennes and its typical streets, the birthplace of Chief camisard Rolland, by parts and authentic documents, the Desert Museum brings the past Huguenot.
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> Music museum :
more than 1000 musical instruments from around the world and all eras, concerts, instrumentation, animations ...
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> Haribo museum :
Discover the history of a century of tempting sweets ...
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> Santon museum :
Based in Générargues near Anduze, discover and reconstitution with its light of life and crafts of yesteryear in the Cevennes and Provence.
Tél. 04 66 61 66 74