Cévennes National Park

Cévennes National Park

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The Cévennes National Park was created in 1970, covering the natural region of the Cévennes and located mainly in the departments of Lozère, Gard and Ardèche. It therefore covers two regions: Occitania and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

The Cévennes National Park has several characteristics that distinguish it from other French national parks: it is the only one located in a medium-high mountainous area and the only one in metropolitan France that is inhabited and operated by permanent residents (agriculture and hunting).

The park has also been recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO since 1985.

With all the small villages that make up the Cévennes and its surroundings, there is a wide choice of monuments to discover. Each one retraces part of the history of the territory and gives you the opportunity to walk through the alleys between old stones and vegetation.

From the granite highlands of Mont Lozère to the majestic forests of Aigoual, from the vast limestone plateaus of the Causse Méjean, carved out from the spectacular gorges of the Tarn and Jonte to the sharp peaks and deep valleys of the schistous Cévennes, you will have many opportunities to marvel at the magnificent landscapes!


Le Pont du Gard near Le Bel Été d'Anduze in the Cévennes

Le Pont du Gard

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The Pont du Gard was built shortly before the Christian era to allow the Nîmes aqueduct, nearly 50 km long, to cross the Gardon. By designing this 50 m high, three-level bridge, the longest of which is 275 m high, Roman hydraulic engineers and architects created a technical masterpiece that is also a work of art.

Website : www.lepontdugard.com

La Grotte des Demoiselles near Le Bel Été d'Anduze campsite in the Cévennes

La Grotte des Demoiselles

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A geological wonder in a spectacular site, the Grotte des Demoiselles is exceptional in its dimensions and the richness of its features. The illuminations highlight every detail of this true underground cathedral (up to 120 metres long and 52 metres high).

After easy access thanks to its cable car, an impressive succession of galleries and richly decorated rooms will lead you to the underground Cathedral (52 m high), its large organs and the wonderful stalagmite of "La Vierge à l’Enfant”.
An unforgettable visit (1 hour) - Wonder of the underground world, between the Cirque de Navacelles and Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.
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Website : www.demoiselles.com

La Grotte de Trabuc near the le Bel Été d'Anduze campsite in the Cévennes

La Grotte de Trabuc

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La GROTTE de TRABUC marks the entrance to the Cévennes and is located about 15 minutes from Anduze. In the heart of the chalky Cévennes, the site benefits from an exceptional natural environment linked in particular to the presence of the Gardon de Mialet. La grotte de TRABUC is the most important underground network in the Cévennes.

Located on the outskirts of the Cévennes National Park, it is a major site that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.
Thanks to a high-quality layout that respects the environment of the cave, the part accessible to the public reveals what attracted the attention of the first explorers almost 50 years ago: the diversity of colours and crystals.

A cave evolves over time and the crystals are coloured according to their age and the presence of various oxides. Thus we can go from transparency to the most sustained ochre in a few metres.

A visit to Trabuc is a constant discovery. Bends and intersections of galleries are full of surprises, varied landscapes and emotions.

Website : www.grotte-de-trabuc.com

Le Train à Vapeur (Steam Train) des Cévennes near Le Bel Été d’Anduze campsite in the Cévennes

Le Train à Vapeur (Steam Train) des Cévennes

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Trainline for tourists from Anduze to Saint Jean-du-Gard with a stop at the Bambouseraie. The history of this line dates back to 1881, when the Cévennes silk industry was in full swing. The first section was opened from Lézan (Alès-Montpellier line) to Anduze.

It was supposed to continue to Millau but was only built as far as Saint-Jean-du-Gard in 1909. The particularly steep landscape of the Cévennes made the structure particularly expensive (4 tunnels, 5 viaducts, 1 large metal bridge and numerous retaining walls for only 13 km of track). It only operated for a very short time because in 1940, as a cost-saving measure, only a few freight trains were still running on the line. In 1971, the line was finally closed, but thanks to a few enthusiasts, the line became active again, but this time purely for tourists.

Website : www.trainavapeur.com

La Bambouseraie d'Anduze near Le Bel Été d'Anduze campsite in the Cévennes

La Bambouseraie d'Anduze

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An exotic detour that combines coolness, nature and a real change of scenery, the Anduze Bambouseraie is famous for its giant bamboo forest and its national collection.
Curiosities of the plant world, bamboo huts, water garden, Victorian greenhouses, bamboo maze, Bamboosarium, Bamboutique, film location of the "Salaire de la peur" and of "Paul et Virginie”.

In a 1 hour and a half visit, let yourself be carried away to the Far East and discover thousands of species of plants, flowers and trees on more than 10 enchanted hectares.
Open from March 1st to November 15th, seven days a week from 9:30 am.
Disabled access. Coach parking.

Website : www.bambouseraie.fr

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