Le Train à Vapeur (Steam Train) des Cévennes

camping gard anduze train vapeur

Trainline for tourists from Anduze to Saint Jean-du-Gard with a stop at the Bambouseraie. The history of this line dates back to 1881, when the Cévennes silk industry was in full swing. The first section was opened from Lézan (Alès-Montpellier line) to Anduze.

It was supposed to continue to Millau but was only built as far as Saint-Jean-du-Gard in 1909. The particularly steep landscape of the Cévennes made the structure particularly expensive (4 tunnels, 5 viaducts, 1 large metal bridge and numerous retaining walls for only 13 km of track). It only operated for a very short time because in 1940, as a cost-saving measure, only a few freight trains were still running on the line. In 1971, the line was finally closed, but thanks to a few enthusiasts, the line became active again, but this time purely for tourists.

Website : www.trainavapeur.com