La Grotte de Trabuc

camping gard anduze Grotte Trabuc

La GROTTE de TRABUC marks the entrance to the Cévennes and is located about 15 minutes from Anduze. In the heart of the chalky Cévennes, the site benefits from an exceptional natural environment linked in particular to the presence of the Gardon de Mialet. La grotte de TRABUC is the most important underground network in the Cévennes.

Located on the outskirts of the Cévennes National Park, it is a major site that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.
Thanks to a high-quality layout that respects the environment of the cave, the part accessible to the public reveals what attracted the attention of the first explorers almost 50 years ago: the diversity of colours and crystals.

A cave evolves over time and the crystals are coloured according to their age and the presence of various oxides. Thus we can go from transparency to the most sustained ochre in a few metres.

A visit to Trabuc is a constant discovery. Bends and intersections of galleries are full of surprises, varied landscapes and emotions.

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